Famous Joe’s Pizza


It’s no news that New York City is known for having some of the best restaurants in the world! But, when you think of food and New York, the first thing most people think about is pizza. Joe’s Famous Pizza has been a staple of New York since 1975, located at 7 Carmine Street it is a Greenwich Village classic. If you want to blend in with other New Yorkers order a cheese slice, once you request toppings they’ll know you are a visitor- if you are looking for a pizza with good toppings, I highly recommend Artichoke Pizza. A cheese slice is the only way to go at Joe’s Pizza. The cheese is perfectly melted on the dough, which is just the right thickness and crispiness; the tomato sauce is an excellent mix of tangy and sweet. The best cheese slice in New York City is Joe’s Pizza!

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Ocean Lounge Bar & Restaurant

Why Ocean Bar and Restaurant? Simply put, it’s the best seafood restaurant on the fabulous island of St Maarten. The award winning sea side restaurant on the Dutch side of the island, combines Caribbean and European cuisine, which entices your palette with its superb flavour.
The risotto with spice West Indian flavoured shrimp is delish, not to mention the calamari with signature crab cakes. If you are a seafood lover and have a chance to travel to St Maarten; every “foodie” on this friendly island will point you towards Ocean Lounge Bar and Restaurant.

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