Volcanic Ash Mask

Volcanic Ash Mask

I often enjoy going to spas to experience new treatments that are being offered, and to get some R&R. When I visit the spas, the “go to” treatments I always seek out are facials and body wraps. I am always intrigued by the different benefits of each body wrap on the spas menus. Some claim to firm, others moisturize and some body wraps are for detoxing.
I usually wonder to myself, why can’t I get all the benefits in one body treatment?

Now you can! The new Volcanic Ash Wrap is a full body treatment which exfoliates, firms, detoxes and helps with cellulite all in one treatment. This fabulous full body treatment also includes using warm towels on the feet, and a face firming mask while wrapped in the glorious all natural clay, coming straight from the Volcanoes in Alaska.

The disadvantage of other body treatments is that there is a disruption in relaxation time because of having to shower the product off half way during the treatment. With the Volcanic Ash Wrap, you can enjoy your full relaxation time as it is not necessary to get up. Warm towels are used to massage this mask off the body to help exfoliate and detox the skin. Get ready to be amazed!

It’s time to add the Volcanic Ash Wrap to your treatment menu. Click HERE for more information.

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